ME7808A - Anritsu Network Analyzers

ME7808A - Anritsu Network Analyzers

The ME7808A Broadband Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) is a high performance measurement solution that covers 40 MHz to 110 GHz in a single fast sweep. Built on the advanced technology of the Anritsu Lightning 65 GHz VNA, the ME7808A is ideal for making accurate S-parameter measurements of components and devices to 110 GHz. The flexible system architecture of the ME7808A makes it easy to adapt to multiple measurement applications. Lightning Basic Measurement Software (BMS) version 4.02 has the feature supporting optoelectronic component measurements. Using the approach of coupling the 65 GHz VNA output with that of the mmW modules, the system can be used in any of the following configurations: 1. as a broadband VNA (40 MHz to 110 GHz) with W1 (1 mm) connector coaxial interface 2. as a stand-alone 65 GHz VNA with V-connector coaxial interface 3. as a millimeter-wave VNA (65 GHz to 110 GHz) with a WR-10 waveguide connector interface.
Instrument Type

Low end frequency limit
40.00 MHz

High end frequency limit
110.00 GHz

Output Power Range

Input Noise Level

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