FG501 - Tektronix Function Generators

FG501 - Tektronix Function Generators

The Tektronix FG501 is a general-purpose, low frequency function generator producing low distortion sine,square,triangle,pulse, and ramp waveforms.Frequency is selectable from .001 to 1 MHz (switched in decade steps). An external VCF input permits controlling the output frequency from external voltage source.Frequency sweep up to 1000:1 ratio may be accomplished by applying a voltage ramp to the VCF input.
Output amplitudes of 15 Vp-p open circuit and 7.5 V into 50-ohms can be obtained.


Frequency Range Minimum
1.0 mHz

Frequency Range Maximum
1.0 MHz

Frequency Resolution

Waveform Outputs
Sine, Square, Triangle, Ramp, Pulse

Burst, Gated

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