MCA3027 - Tektronix Frequency Counters

MCA3027 - Tektronix Frequency Counters

The MCA3000 Microwave Counter Series outperforms every microwave counter on the market today in terms of resolution, speed, and acquisition time.
Including an integrated power meter, the MCA Series packs many different functions into one feature-rich instrument.

With industry-leading frequency and time resolution, the MCA Series comes standard with internal memory and a fast data transfer rate of 250k Samples/s to memory.
In addition, the multi-parameter display shows auxiliary measurements alongside your main measurement to provide you with the results you need at a glance.
With the industry’s most comprehensive analysis modes, including measurement statistics, histograms, and trend plots, you have the tools you need to quickly and accurately analyze your signal.

With three input channels, you can measure the relationship between different signals.
For example, you can measure the phase relationship between the input and output signals of your device.
You can read other critical parameters simultaneously, such as the test frequency of the signal and the voltage ratio (in dB), in one glance with the multi-parameter display.

Besides being an outstanding microwave counter, the MCA3000 Series also serves as a general-purpose timer/counter with two additional 300 MHz inputs.

  • 27 GHz (MCA3027) and 40 GHz (MCA3040) Models
  • Microwave Analyzer Channel with CW or Burst
  • Two 300 MHz General-purpose Channels
  • –35 dBm to +10 dBm Power Range
  • 100 ps Single-shot Time Resolution
  • 12 Digit/s Frequency Resolution, 14 Digit Display
  • 25 ms (Auto) or Zero (Manual) Acquisition Time
  • 3 mV Voltage Resolution
  • Optional 1.5×10–8 Ultra High-stability Oven Time Base
  • 250k Sample/s Data Transfer Rate to Internal Memory (Up to 750k samples stored)
  • 5k Sample/s Data Transfer Rate over USB/GPIB Bus (Block mode)
  • Automated Measurements: Frequency, Period, Ratio, Time Interval, Time Interval Error, Pulse Width, Rise/Fall Time, Phase Angle, Duty Cycle, Maximum Voltage, Minimum Voltage, Peak-to-Peak Voltage
  • Integrated Power Meter
  • Multi-parameter Display
  • Trend Plot Mode
  • Measurement Statistics Mode
  • Histogram Mode
  • Allan Deviation
  • Zero Dead-time Frequency/Period Measurements
  • USB Device and GPIB Ports on Rear Panel for Quick PC Connectivity
  • GPIB Interface Supports Full SCPI-compatible Programmability and offers an Emulation Mode for Plug-and-Play Replacement in Existing ATE Systems
  • External Arming Input
  • 10 MHz Reference Oscillator Output
  • Includes National Instrument’s LabVIEW SignalExpress™ TE Limited Edition Software for Connecting Your Bench
  • Optional TimeView™ Software Available for Modulation Domain Analysis

Minimum Frequency

Maximum Frequency
27.0 GHz

Frequency Resolution Digits

Frequency, Period, Ratio, Time interval, Rise/Fall Time, Duty factor, Pulse width, Voltage, Burst freq.

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