11802 - Tektronix Digital Oscilloscopes

11802 - Tektronix Digital Oscilloscopes

17,5 ps rise time Trigger bandwidth is 1 GHz. The 11802 accepts up to two sampling heads. Built-in delay lines allow internal triggering and viewing of the leading edge of the trigger event. Virtually all of the operation of the 11802 is accomplished through the touch-screen and two knobs located at the lower rigth of the screen. Autoset provides immediate display of an applied signal, correctly scaled and triggered. Vertical system - Vertical resolution: 8 bits full sreen (80 µV LSB at 2 mv/div deflection factor) - Deflection factors: 2...255 mV/div in 1 mV/div increments; 4...510 mV/div in 2 mV/div increments Horizontal system - Main and window time base: 1 ps/div...5 mV/div - Record length 512, 1024, 2048, 4096, 5120 samples - Max sample rate: 200 kHz

20.0 GHz


Sample Rate
200.00 kSa/sec

Memory Depth
5120 samples

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