WaveJet 312 - LeCroy Digital Oscilloscopes

WaveJet 312 - LeCroy Digital Oscilloscopes

The WaveJet 300 Series features unmatched performance and debugging tools not usually found in low bandwidth portable oscilloscopes. Engineers can simplify and shorten their debugging process with the Replay feature and long capture time not available in other oscilloscopes with bandwidths at 100 MHz. On top of great performance and capabilities the WaveJet is lightweight and portable, it is only 4 inches deep and features a large 7.5 inch color display.
  • Replay - Many engineers find it important to see a fast updating display on the oscilloscope screen to ensure that they are capturing a lot of data and not missing any rare events. Other oscilloscopes show you those events briefly on screen before they fade away. But the WaveJet with Replay lets you see more. Replay allows you to look back in time at your waveform to view those rare events, such as runts or glitches, and display them in the order they occurred, providing you with unique insight to simplify debugging and troubleshooting
  • Long Capture - Low bandwidth portable oscilloscopes often suffer from very short memory lengths, which prevents you from using the oscilloscope to its full potential. The WaveJet eliminates the tradeoff between high sample rate and long capture time, by providing up to 200x the capture time, at 2 GS/s, compared to other oscilloscopes in its class. The long memory makes WaveJet the ideal oscilloscope for viewing a mix of low-frequency and high-frequency signals or low-speed signals with fast edges
  • Automatic Measurements - Save time making measurements on your signals by using the 26 automatic measurement parameters. See your results color coded to the channels, and with minimum and maximum values displayed
  • Waveform Math - The WaveJet provides math capabilities for additional analysis. Available math functions include sum, difference, product, and FFT. Measurements can then be made on the calculated waveforms
  • Oscilloscope Settings and Reference Waveforms - Save captured waveforms and WaveJet settings to internal memory or a USB memory device. Recall those settings at a later time to compare your testing results.
  • Acquisition Modes - Peak detect and equivalent time acquisition modes offer flexibility in how you capture and measure your signals. The WaveJet can capture glitches as small as 1 ns with peak detect mode and can achieve a sample rate up to 100 GS/s with equivalent time mode
  • Frequency Counter - Use the built in 6-digit frequency counter to simplify how you make measurements. The counter is always displayed and easy to read at a glance
  • Triggering - Along with edge triggering, additional triggering capabilities include Pulse Width, Period, Pulse Count, and TV triggers to help you capture the signals you need to see

100.0 MHz


Sample Rate
1.00 GSa/sec

Memory Depth
500 kpts/Ch (all channels)

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