FSL6 - Rohde & Schwarz Spectrum Analyzers

FSL6 - Rohde & Schwarz Spectrum Analyzers

The spectrum analyzer R&S FSL leads its class with respect to its large number of standard functions.
  • Tracking generator for directional power measurements with Model .16
  • Full choice of detectors: max, min, auto-peak, sample, RMS, average, quasi-peak 
  • CP/ACP/fast ACP measurement functions with a host of predefined standards (see ACP screenshot) 
  • High-end functions in a compact and lightweight spectrum analyzer
  • Frequency range of 9kHz to 6 GHz covers all major communications standards
  • I/Q demodulation bandwidth of 20 MHz
  • Best RF performance in its class
  • High measurement accuracy
  • Main functions are directly accessible by fixed-assignment function keys
  • Optional internal battery pack for portable use
  • Unique plug & play upgrade ability, eliminating the need to open the instrument
  • Electronic RF switching mechanism, eliminating reliability problems due to mechanical switches
  • Standard 100BaseT LAN remote control interface for higher speed data transmission
  • WLAN option for TX measurements on 802.11a, b, g, j signals
  • Firmware option for measurements on Bluetooth transmitters, including EDR
  • Tracking generator Freq.1 MHz to 6 GHz; output -20dBm to 0 dBm
Low end frequency limit
9.00 kHz

High end frequency limit
6.00 GHz

Resolution Bandwidth Min.
10 Hz

Resolution Bandwidth Max.
10.00 MHz

Amplitude Range
DANL to +20 dBm

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