8593EM - Agilent HP Spectrum Analyzers

8593EM - Agilent HP Spectrum Analyzers

The Agilent 8593EM has two modes of operation: EMI analysis and spectrum analysis. With the press of a key, this analyzer converts from EMC analyzer to full-function spectrum analyzer for use in a wide variety of non-EMC applications.

  • Setup keys link predefined CISPR bands with correct video and CISPR resolution bandwidths
  • Built-in amplitude correction automatically corrects for antenna, amplifier, and cable losses
  • Limit-line displays simultaneously compare device signals with up to two regulatory limits and a specified measurement margin
  • Predefined routines automatically measure all signals over a specified frequency range
  • Measure, store, and report up to 239 signals automatically
  • Frequency range 9 KHz - 22 GHz
  • Sweep time 20 ms - 100 s
  • Resolution bandwidth 30 Hz - 3 MHz
  • Single-Side-Band Noise  -105 dBc/Hz - 90 dBc/Hz
  • Displayed average noise -127 dBm - 92 dBm
Low end frequency limit

High end frequency limit

Resolution Bandwidth Min.

Resolution Bandwidth Max.

Amplitude Range
Displayed average noise level to + 137 dBV

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