3580A - Agilent HP Spectrum Analyzers

3580A - Agilent HP Spectrum Analyzers

The 3580A is 5 Hz to 50kHz low frequency, high performance spectrum analyzer. The 3580A 1Hz bandwidth allows the user to examine noise and extraneous signal content close in to a signal of interest.

The 3580A features an adaptive sweep which allows the user to set a threshold above which only the spectra of interest are observed.

Digital storage is another important feature of the 3580A which enhances the display for slowly swept low frequency signals.

  • Frequency range: 5Hz to 50kHz
  • Resolution: 1Hz
  • Amplitude range: (linear) 20 V-100 nV full scale; (log) +30 dBm or dB V and -150 dBm or dB V
  • Dynamic range: 80 dB
  • Sweep scan width: 50Hz to 50kHz
  • Log sweep: 20Hz to 43kHz ± 20% after 3 sweeps
  • Sweep times: 0.1 sec to 2000 sec
  • Output range: 0 to 1 V RMS into 600 ohms
  • Frequency response: ± 3%, 5Hz to 50kHz
  • Adaptive sweep for increased scan speed
Low end frequency limit
5.00 Hz

High end frequency limit
50.00 kHz

Resolution Bandwidth Min.

Resolution Bandwidth Max.
1.00 Hz

Amplitude Range
(linear) 20 V-100 nV full scale; (log) +30 dBm or dB V and -150 dBm or dB V

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