E7403A - Agilent HP Spectrum Analyzers

E7403A - Agilent HP Spectrum Analyzers

Early evaluation of the EMI performance of your design is essential for a successful product. The E7403A provides the capabilities you need in an analyzer to make in-house EMI precompliance testing a reality.

 Radiated emissions When combined with a broadband antenna, the E7403A provides the capabilities to check for radiated emissions coming from your DUT. This is best done in an area that is free from reflective objects such as an open area or EMI chamber.

Conducted emissions Test for noise or interference placed on power or data lines by coupling the E7403A instrument to the power or data line through a line impedance stabilization network (LISN) device or absorbing clamp.

Diagnostics and problem isolation If you have an emissions problem, you can use the E7403A with an 11940A or 11941A close field probe to isolate and diagnose the source of the problem.

  • Automatic EMI measurements
  • Compatible with the E7415A software
  • Also compatible with the BenchLink Web Remote software
  • Log sweep
  • 3.5" disk drive
  • 5 minute warm-up
  • Built-in preamplifier
  • Optional tracking generator
  • Rugged, portable design
  • SCPI programming and IVI COM driver support
Low end frequency limit
30.00 Hz

High end frequency limit
6.70 GHz

Resolution Bandwidth Min.
1 Hz

Resolution Bandwidth Max.
5.00 MHz

Amplitude Range
DANL to maximum safe input level

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