E4411B-BAS - Agilent HP Spectrum Analyzers

E4411B-BAS - Agilent HP Spectrum Analyzers

The ESA family of spectrum analyzers have proven and guaranteed performance with the flexibility to select the right level of functionality for your test needs.
Take advantage of the best overall performance on a mid-performance spectrum analyzer.

  • Amplitude accuracy: +/- 0.4 dB
  • Third order intermodulation distortion: +16 dBm
  • Sensitivity: -166 dBm
  • Overall phase noise (all carrier frequencies): -101 dBc/Hz (10 kHz), -122 dBc/Hz (100 kHz)
  • Narrow resolution bandwidth, 8590 series code compatibility, or 50 ohm tracking generator
  • Includes PowerSuite one-button RF power measurements
  • 50-ohm input port (standard)
  • Battery for field use (optional)
  • 5 minute warm-up to guaranteed measurement accuracy
  • Rugged and portable for lab grade performance in the field
Low end frequency limit
9.00 kHz

High end frequency limit
1.50 GHz

Resolution Bandwidth Min.
1 kHz

Resolution Bandwidth Max.
5.00 MHz

Amplitude Range

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