2975 - Aeroflex Spectrum Analyzers

2975 - Aeroflex Spectrum Analyzers

For complete transmitter spectrum performance testing, swept antenna and transmission line testing and at-a-glance troubleshooting, the IFR 2975 comes standard with a digitized 2.7 GHz spectrum analyzer and dual-channel digital storage oscilloscope. In addition, the IFR 2975 provides you with the functionality of over 20 discrete instruments integrated into a single platform. The IFR 2975 provides all the tools you need to perform comprehensive RF testing as standard equipment.

  • 2.7 GHz Frequency Range with 2.7 GHz Spectrum Analyzer and Tracking Generator
  • New PassPortÆ Radio Test Option
  • New Secondary Control Channel
  • Broadcast Messaging Option
  • 500 kHz (Useable) Dual-Channel
  • Oscilloscope
  • New Scope Markers
  • New Capture for Front Screen Displays
  • New Vrms Selection for Audio Function Generators
  • New Demod Audio Routing to RF Generator
  • 12.5, 25, 60 and 200 kHz IF Filters
  • User Selectable Audio Filters
  • Tone Signaling/Tone Remote Functions
  • Auto-Tune Capabilities
  • LTRÆ Trunking Option
  • 40 kHz Audio Analyzer w/ Tracking Generator
  • ANS KVL Support Option
  • Exclusive P25 Test Features
    • New Explicit Messaging Option
    • New Adjacent Status Broadcast Messaging
    • P25 Trunking Emulation
    • Exclusive P25 Inbound Signaling Packet (ISP) Decode Function
    • New Unit to Unit and PSTN Interconnect Option for Explicit Messaging
    • Exclusive P25 Outbound Signaling Packet (OSP) Message Programmer
    • Full TIA/EIA-102 Test Patterns
    • AES and DES OFB Type III Encryption
    • CQPSK Transmit and Receive
    • CQPSK EVM and Constellation Display Exclusive
    • SmartNetTM/SmartZoneTM Tests
    • Control Channel Assignment to P25 or SmartNetTM/SmartZoneTM Traffic Channel
  • Innovative Control and Operational Features
    • Internet Remote Operation
    • Quick Tune Spectrum Analyzer
    • PS-2 Keyboard and Mouse Operation
    • IP Addressable
    • RS-232, GPIB, and Ethernet Operation
Low end frequency limit
1.00 MHz

High end frequency limit
2.70 GHz

Resolution Bandwidth Min.
300 Hz

Resolution Bandwidth Max.
6.00 MHz

Amplitude Range

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