392XOPT058 - Aeroflex Spectrum Analyzers

392XOPT058 - Aeroflex Spectrum Analyzers

The 3920 is the latest Radio Test Solution from Aeroflex for engineering, production and field service applications. The instrument provides a comprehensive range of general purpose analog measurement facilities as well as advanced digital test options for P25, TETRA and HPD® systems.

The digital architecture of the 3920 delivers faster, accurate and more repeatable measurements than any of its predecessors and provides for future technology enhancements as new digital technology becomes available.

  • Full AM, FM and SSB test capabilities
  • 5 MHz channel spectrum analyzer
  • Full Span spectrum analyzer to 2.7 GHz (with option 392XOPT058)
  • Dual-Channel Oscilloscope to 4 MHz
  • Full audio analysis for AF level, frequency, SINAD and distortion measurements
  • Full RF parametric tests for power, frequency error, deviation (FM), modulation index (AM)
  • Three high accuracy audio modulators/function generators
  • Three high accuracy audio baseband generators
  • DTMF and DCS generators
  • DCS Decode
  • FM pre-emphasis and de-emphasis 50 μs, 75 μs and 750 μs for true audio performance analysis
  • Color codes Pass/Fail meter functions for fast test capabilities
Low end frequency limit
10.00 MHz

High end frequency limit
2.70 GHz

Resolution Bandwidth Min.
300 Hz

Resolution Bandwidth Max.
6.00 MHz

Amplitude Range
Ref Level Range: ANT port: -90 to +10 dBm, T/R port: -50 to +50 dBm

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