SMV03 - Rohde & Schwarz Signal Generators

SMV03 - Rohde & Schwarz Signal Generators

The Vector Signal Generator R&S SMV03 is based on the successful analog Signal Generator R&S SML03 and so features the same excellent technical characteristics. It comprises an additional broadband I/Q modulator which is able to generate any digital signal in conjunction with an external I/Q source. The R&S SMV03 is, therefore, a way of entering the wide field of automatic test systems as well as gaining access to applications like R&D and service. When used together with the I/Q Modulation Generator R&S AMIQ and the software R&S WinIQSIM, the R&S SMV03 can generate digital signals that meet any requirement. Features: Broadband I/Q modulator Wide output frequency range from 9 kHz to 3.3 GHz with 0.1 Hz resolution High (+13 dBm) and precise output level (<0.5 dB) Interruption-free level setting by electronic attenuator High spectral purity (< 122 dBc (1 Hz) at f = 1 GHz and 20 kHz carrier offset) Fast setting time for frequency and level Low cost of ownership with a 3-year calibration cycle Compact size (only 2 HU) AM/FM/fM and optional Pulse modulation
Frequency Range Min.
9.0 kHz

Frequency Range Max.
3.30 GHz

AM, FM, Pulse, Phase

Output Power
-140 dBm to +13 dBm

Freq. Resolution
100.0 mHz

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