E8257D-521 - Agilent HP Signal Generators

E8257D-521 - Agilent HP Signal Generators

The E8257D PSG with Option 521 is the industry’s first microwave analog signal generator to deliver greater than +30 dBm of typical output power.Traditionally, achieving calibrated power levels above +25 dBm over a broad bandwidth up to 20 GHz in an automated system environment requires complex and expensive external RF hardware.The PSG with Option 521 dramatically simplifies this high-power test environment, providing greater than +24 dBm of specified output power in a single test instrument.The PSG also protects the power sensitive devices in your system with a built-in power level clamp that can be set from +15 to +33 dBm.
Frequency Range Min.
10.0 MHz

Frequency Range Max.
20.00 GHz

AM, FM, Pulse, Phase

Output Power
>1 Watt (typical), +24 to +28 dBm (specified)

Freq. Resolution

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