2026B - Aeroflex Signal Generators

2026B - Aeroflex Signal Generators

The 2026A/B are ideal for use in R&D and manufacturing where there is a need for two or three combined sources for conducting tests such as intermodulation and selectivity performance of components and receiver assemblies.
To aid the user to undertake difficult test procedures simply and without ambiguity, the 2026A/B family provide application-specific modes of operation. Application modes include amplifier two and three-tone intermodulation, receiver intermodulation and receiver selectivity. A rotary control and up/down keys allow easy modification of the selected parameters.
Each signal source is capable of being independently modulated from its own fully programmable modulation source to ensure maximum flexibility. The internal modulation sources are each capable of generating sine, triangle or square wave signals.
Amplitude, frequency and phase modulated carriers can be generated from the internal modulation sources or from the independent external inputs. The frequency modulation system provides excellent performance in the DC coupled mode with very low carrier frequency error and stability ensuring that the generator can accurately test receivers sensitive to small frequency errors.
Each source is capable of being independently pulse modulated to allow the simulation of TDD or TDMA RF signal bursts with pulse on/off ratios of better than 40 dB and a rise time of less than 10 µs.
In addition to the analog FM facilities, the 2026A/B MultiSource Generator family supports 2 and 4-level FSK signals from external logic inputs.

  • Two or three high-quality RF signal generators in a space efficient format
  • Ideal for intermodulation and receiver characterization
  • Wide frequency coverage: -- 10 kHz to 2.51 GHz
  • Support for an external signal generator
  • +24 dBm RF output for effective component testing
  • Application-specific test modes simplify measurement procedures
  • User-defined tracking between signal sources
  • Adjustable carrier phase to allow peaking of three tone intermodulation
  • Built-in switched combiner network improves measurement uncertainty
  • Option 116 - adds GSM capability
  • Option 117 - adds Bluetooth & GSM
  • Option 118 - adds Fast Pulse Modulation
Frequency Range Min.
10.0 kHz

Frequency Range Max.
2.51 GHz

AM, FM, Pulse, Phase, FSK

Output Power
+24 dBm

Freq. Resolution

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