2202 - Aeroflex Signal Generators

2202 - Aeroflex Signal Generators

The 2200 family is built on a versatile modular platform that is the fastest and cleanest available today. It offers one microsecond switching speed and sub-microsecond level correction, coupled with superb spectral purity. Designed to save substantial time and money over building a custom system in-house, the 2200 family is used for airborne, shipborne, electronic warfare simulation, radar upgrades and other stringent applications where the highest performance is required for rugged environments. The 2200 family is ideal for radar simulation, radar cross-section measurements, antenna pattern measurements and other high-speed microwave and RF applications.

  • Spans frequency range from 10 MHz to 18.4 GHz
  • Broadband sources operating over the range of 10 MHz to 18.4 GHz with a standard resolution of 1.0Hz. Option 101 for enhanced frequency resolution to 0.1Hz
  • Can step from any frequency (F1), to any other frequency (F2), up or down, in 1 uSec
  • Output amplitude is +10dBm +2 dB into an impedance of 50 Ohms
  • Options for pulse modulation, programmable FM, and non-programmable Wideband FM
  • Full 3U rack chassis
  • Front panel keyboard for manual control
  • GPIB and parallel binary coded decimal (BCD) interface for remote programming
Frequency Range Min.
10.0 MHz

Frequency Range Max.
2.30 GHz

AM, FM, Pulse, Wideband AM

Output Power
+10 dBm

Freq. Resolution
1.0 Hz

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