SRL40-6 - Sorensen Power Supplies DC

SRL40-6 - Sorensen Power Supplies DC

The SRL series of power supplies consists of seven convection cooled models in the 250W to 500W range, and seven fan cooled models in the 500W range.
Both have outputs ranging to 60 Vdc.

SRL power supplies are designed for either bench or rack mounted use, and for easy component accessibility.
All controls used in normal operation are mounted on the front panel.
Power outputs up to 25 amps may be taken from the front mounted binding posts of the unit.
The mode selector terminal board is at the rear of the supply.
The functions of voltage / current mode programming, remote sensing, and parallel operation are obtained through manipulation of the terminal board links.
Output terminals are also provided at the rear of the unit.

The following units are convection cooled:
  • SRL10-25
  • SRL20-12
  • SRL20-25
  • SRL40-12
  • SRL40-6
  • SRL60-4
  • SRL60-8
The following units are fan cooled:
  • SRL10-50
  • SRL10-100
  • SRL20-50
  • SRL40-25
  • SRL40-50
  • SRL60-17
  • SRL60-35
The following units have an input fuseholder, and use a front panel switch (All the other units use a circuit breaker):
  • SRL20-12
  • SRL40-6
  • SRL60-4
The SRL power supplies provide a precisely regulated dc output, adjustable over a wide range.They operate from any of three available ac inputs, and respond rapidly to transients.All SRL Series models:
  • Operating modes: SRL models have two basic operating modes - constant voltage and constant current.In constant voltage mode, the output voltage is regulated by the front panel selected or programmed value, and the output current varies with the load.In constant current operation, the output current is regulated at the selected value while the output voltage varies as a function of load
  • Automatic crossover: This lets the unit transfer operating modes as a function of load requirements.If, for example, the load current attempts to increase above the setting of the current adjust control, the unit will switch operation automatically from the voltage to the current mode.If the load requirements are lowered, the unit will automatically return to voltage mode
  • Remote programming: Any SRL model can be programmed remotely.Its output can be altered from a distant location in either the voltage or current mode by introducing a calculated resistance or signal into the appropriate programming circuit
  • Remote sensing: Terminals on the rear terminal board let you extend the regulating point of the unit from the output terminals to the load.This compensates for variations in the load lead voltage drop.The maximum drop for which a unit will compensate is one volt per load lead
  • Series operation: For applications that require voltages higher than a single SRL unit can provide, a number of units may be connected in series.Maximum system output is 200 Vdc.Regulation in series operation is the sum of the regulations for all units.External recitifiers to protect units against reverse voltage are unnecessary.Reverse voltage protection is designed into the unit
  • Parallel operation: For applications that require a higher output current than a single SRL can provide, parallel operation can be used.Paralleling is indirect through a master/slave approach.The amplifier of the master unit controls the output of all units in the system.In parallel operation, the maximum output current of each unit is derated to 90%.Up to three units can be used in parallel operation
  • Protection: Protection against overloads is provided by automatic crossover.Protection against short circuits is provided by the input fuse or circuit breaker.In addition, open sensing leads or links will not drive the unit into high output voltage.Internal rectifiers prevent this by clamping the output to approximately 1.5 volts above output setting.Internal control circuitry is protected by a fuse connected in the primary of the input transformer.Fan cooled units are additionally protected by a thermostatic control circuit to automatically shut down the unit in the event of a thermal overload
  • Input voltage range:
    • 105-125 V (Standard)
    • 190-230 V (M1)
    • 210-250 V (M2)
  • Input frequency: 47-53 / 57-63 Hz
Number of Outputs

Max. Voltage
40.0 V

Max. Current
6.00 A

Ripple and Noise
200 uVrms

Computer Interface

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