DCR300 - Sorensen Power Supplies DC

DCR300 - Sorensen Power Supplies DC

The DCRA series are designed for either rack or floor mounting, and provide stable, highly regulated dc outputs from a wide range of three phase input voltages and frequencies.
The models in the series all exhibit excellent transient response and low ripple in both voltage and regulating and current limiting modes.
Other design features include provisions for remote programming, remote sensing, series and parallel operation, automatic crossover, and other failure protection systems.
Increased versatility is also provided by use of a floating neutral, which permits use of either three or four wire input.

The typical DCR-B (designed for either bench or rack use) power supply provides highly regulated, precise dc output, adjustable over a wide range.
It operates from a nominal 115 Vac (208/220/230 Vac inputs are available as options) and exhibits a rapid response to transients, both load and line.
DCR-B series supplies are phase controlled type with SCRs (Silicon Controlled Rectifiers) or Triacs at the input to the transformer, followed by a passive LC filter.
This design allows for a wide range of output voltages, simplicity of design, and offers large amounts of regulated power at relatively high efficiencies compared to linear regulators.
All controls used during normal operation, except the OVP control, are mounted on the front panel.
These include a power circuit breaker, FINE and COARSE VOLTAGE adjust potentiometers, and FINE and COARSE CURRENT adjust potentiometers.
The system output is taken across a terminal pair at rear terminal strip TB2 or from the binding posts on the front panel of the supply.
There are two basic operating modes, voltage and current.
In the voltage mode, the voltage is held constant while the current varies with the load.
In the current mode, the voltage varies, and current is held constant.
The automatic crossover feature enables the unit to switch operating modes as a function of load requirements.
Other design features include provisions for remote programming, remote sensing, series and parallel operation, and protection features, including a unit shutdown circuit.

Number of Outputs

Max. Voltage
300.0 V

Max. Current
18.00 A

Ripple and Noise
700 mVrms

Computer Interface

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