6670 Series - 2000W - Agilent HP Power Supplies DC

6670 Series - 2000W - Agilent HP Power Supplies DC

The 6670 Series includes the following models:

  • 6671A - 6675A
  • 6671A-J04
  • 6671A-J03
  • 6671A-J17
  • 6672A-J04
  • 6673A-J03
  • 6673A-J08
  • 6674A-J07
  • 6674A-J03
  • 6675A-J08
  • 6675A-J09
  • 6675A-J06
  • 6675A-J11
  • 6675A-J04
  • 6675A-J07
  • E4356A

These precision supplies offer excellent reliability, low ripple and noise, and extremely accurate built-in measurements of voltage and current.

  • Increase test throughput with fast, low-noise outputs
  • Perform remote programming using GPIB interface with SCPI command set (drivers available)
  • Utilize analog monitoring and control of output voltage and current
  • Control up to 16 supplies through one GPIB address via serial link system
  • Achieve greater output flexibility with parallel and series connections of multiple supplies
  • Simplify cabling with built-in measurements
  • Streamline tasks with front panel control and advanced programmable features
  • Ensure DUT safety with protection features
Number of Outputs

Max. Voltage
200.0 V

Max. Current
220.00 A

Ripple and Noise
0.65 mVrms

Computer Interface

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