N6750 Series - Agilent HP Power Supplies DC

N6750 Series - Agilent HP Power Supplies DC

The N6750 Series includes the following high performance, autoranging DC power modules:

  • N6751A - N6754A

High-Performance, Autoranging DC Power Modules - The Agilent N6750 family of high-performance, autoranging DC power modules provides low noise, high accuracy and programming speeds that are up to 10 to 50 times faster than other programmable power supplies. In addition, Agilent has for the first time included high-speed test extension in general purpose power supplies. The high-speed test extension offers an oscilloscope-like digitizer that simplifies system configuration and increases measurement accuracy when viewing high-speed transient or pulse events within the device-under-test (DUT). In addition, autoranging output capabilities enable one power supply to do the job of several traditional power supplies.

Number of Outputs

Max. Voltage
60.0 V

Max. Current
50.00 A

Ripple and Noise
0.35 mVrms

Computer Interface

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