87422A - Agilent HP Power Supplies DC

87422A - Agilent HP Power Supplies DC

The Agilent 87422 is a universal input, dc switching power supply designed to provide the bias voltages needed to operate Agilent microwave system amplifiers. These compact power supplies are ideal for integration into a sstem or for use on a benchtop. The two-meter dc bias cable permits the amplifier to be remotely located, allowing it to be placed out of the way or where space is not critical. The Agilent 87422A is a 90 watt, plus or minus 15V dc power supply designed to power the Agilent 83020A microwave system power amplifier. One additional plus or minus12V dc output is provided to power a preamp such as the Agilent 83006A or 83017A. Included with the power supply are the necessary two-meter cables to connect to the amplifier.
Number of Outputs

Max. Voltage
15.0 V

Max. Current
4.00 A

Ripple and Noise
25 mV RMS max, 2% peak to peak max

Computer Interface

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