58542 - Giga-tronics Power Meters RF

58542 - Giga-tronics Power Meters RF

The Model 58542 provides faster CW measurements than any other VXIbus power meter, with readings over the GPIB exceeding 150 readings per second and an exclusive Burst Mode capturing more than 5000 readings per second.

The Model 58542 also lets you measure pulsed RF signals simply by using a Giga-tronics peak power sensor, while a detector output connector from the sensor lets you display the waveform on a scope screen, and, via computer control, move the marker to make exact power measurements at any point on the waveform.


Freq. Range Low
10.00 MHz

Freq. Range High
40.00 GHz

Sensor Type

Computer Interface

80301A - 04A, 80310A, 80313A - 14A, 80320A - 80325A, 80330A, 80333A - 34A, 80350A, 80353A - 54A, 80351A - 55A

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