MA24106A - Anritsu Power Meters RF

MA24106A - Anritsu Power Meters RF

The MA24106A power sensor is a USB power sensor that eliminates the need of a traditional power meter.
It is a highly accurate, standalone instrument that communicates with a PC via USB.
The power measurement capability of MA24106A is intended to mimic that of a traditional thermal (thermo-electric) power sensor with a wider dynamic range.
Therefore, it is ideal for measuring average power of CW, modulated RF waveforms such as 3G, 4G, OFDM, and multi-tone signals.
It measures true RMS power regardless of the type of the input signal.
The presence of a micro-controller along with signal conditioning circuitry, ADC, and power supply in the sensor makes it a complete miniature power meter.
The data display, acquisition occurs in the PC.
The Anritsu Power Meter application for personal computers running Microsoft Windows™ can be used to control and operate the sensor.
It is available standard with the product.
The MA24106A is compatible with the MS272xB, MT8222A, MS202xA, MS203xA, and MS271xB instruments.

  • True RMS measurements over 63 dB dynamic range enables accurate CW and modulated power measurements
  • Ready for use in a wide variety of applications, including installation and maintenance of base stations, testing of 3G and 4G devices, cell phones and general purpose RF devices
  • High damage power levels and ESD protection circuitry showcases ruggedness and reliability
  • Low power consumption (100 mA typ) extends Laptop battery life
  • Presence of signal channel/analog signal acquisition HW and on-board (frequency as well as temperature) corrections eliminates the need for a reference calibration, simplifying the measurement process and reduction of test time in production
  • Light weight, low cost easy to use with a PC or Laptop
  • 1 year cal cycle

Freq. Range Low
50.00 MHz

Freq. Range High
6.00 GHz

Sensor Type

Computer Interface

The MA24106A is a power sensor that operates as a standalone instrument

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