N8262A - Agilent HP Power Meters RF

N8262A - Agilent HP Power Meters RF

The Agilent N8262A P-Series modular power meter enables LAN-based automated measurements of peak, peak-to-average ratio and average power. The N8262A enables fast, efficient, and cost-effective creation and reconfiguration of your ATE system. Owing to LXI test standardization and its interoperability with existing test assets, your system can be up and ready in no time.

Unlike PXI or VXI-based interfaces, the N8262A contributes to a lower cost of ownership with its LAN interface. Other features include its 30 MHz wide video bandwidth and its code-compatibility with P-Series and EPM-P power meters.

By helping you build greater assurance in system readiness, the N8262A frees you to focus where it counts most.

  • Slim, compact build (1 U half rack) for easy deployment
  • LXI-C-compliant for seamless integration into an ATE system
  • Online web browser for real-time remote operations
  • Graphical User Interface that emulates the display of N1911/12 P-Series power meters
  • Equivalent P-Series N1911/12A bench instrument performance
  • P-Series modular power meter is compatible with all Agilent P-Series wideband power sensors, E-Series power sensors (except E9320 range) and 8480 Series power sensors

Freq. Range Low
50.00 MHz

Freq. Range High
40.00 GHz

Sensor Type
Diode, Thermocouple

Computer Interface

N1921A, N1922A, all E9300 average, all E4410 CW, all 8480, E9321/25A peak and average, E9322/26A peak and average, E9323/27A peak and average

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