3P - Fluke Power Analyzers

3P - Fluke Power Analyzers

The Analyst 3P is the ideal electrician tool for recording and analyzing power and energy in commercial and industrial facilities. The Analyst 3P combines the functionality of a voltage, current and power meter and a data logger in a single handheld instrument. This easy-to-use power analyzer records all the basic electrical parameters as well as harmonics and also captures voltage events.

  • Three phase power quality analyser and disturbance recorder
  • Color display
  • Includes screen snapshot function
  • Portable, robust and easy to use
  • Ideal for troubleshooting, load profiling and energy optimization
  • Key parameters for three phase systems including voltage and current harmonics to the 40th
  • Power and Energy measurement
  • Easy to use PQLog View download, analysis and reporting software
Input Channels
4 for three phase voltage inputs and neutral; 4 current probes included

Instrument Type

RS-232, Screen, PC software

Operation Modes
Monitor, Meter, Recorder, Scope, Data Logger, Report Generator

power, energy, rms voltage/current, harmonics and THD, events, line frequency

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