1650-56 - Fluke Power Analyzers

1650-56 - Fluke Power Analyzers

From set-up to finished reports, the RPM Power Recorder is the complete solution to your portable power monitoring needs.

  • 4 voltage channels – three phases plus neutral-to-ground. Measures up to 600 Vrms, 1000 Vpeak
  • 5 current channels allow you to monitor neutral and ground current, in addition to phases
  • Extruded metal enclosure, and designed to handle a life-time of use
  • Capture up to 6,000 simultaneous voltage events with simultaneous current in each monitoring session
  • Multi-session option allows for 16 sessions, effectively multiplying event
  • Capture capability to 96,000 events
  • 128 samples per cycle — on every cycle
  • Supports single-phase, wye, delta, split phase, high-leg delta, open-leg delta, and other common power systems
  • Power Consumption option adds Watts, VA, VAR, PF trends and measurements
  • Harmonics option measures harmonics up to 63rd
  • Nylon and hard-sided cases, mounting brackets, a wide variety of voltage and current probes are available
  • Standard enclosure 
  • Ethernet computer interface 
  • High speed sampling system 
  • PQ measurement included
  • Impulse waveform  option
  • Multi-session software option
  • TCP/IP Stack option
Input Channels
9 (4 voltage, 5 current)

Instrument Type

PC software, RS-485

Operation Modes
Monitor, Recorder, Scope, Analyzer, Meter

Depending on standards and options: rms volts and amps, watts, KWH phases, VA/VAR, PF, Harmonics (THD, imbalance, spectrum, phase), flicker, waveshape, sags and swells faults, power consumption/tolerance, high-speed impulse

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