VLogQ - Fluke Power Analyzers

VLogQ - Fluke Power Analyzers

Keep tabs on the state of health of your electricity supply with VLogQ.So many activities are dependent on electricity today that maintaining the health of the supply is vital.The disruption caused by poor voltage quality can be catastrophic and every year costs millions of dollars.Knowing the state of health of your power is the first step in combating the problem.The VLogQ provides a quick and simple way to monitor voltage quality for the most common continuous and intermittent power problems.Simply setup the date, time, and limits and plug in.The recording begins automatically.Alternately send the unit to a remote site in the mail and have a non-technical user plug in then send back for downloading later.VLogQ is capable of recording two channels simultaneously for live-neutral and neutral-ground voltages.The supplied PQLogView software downloads, analyses and reports with minimum effort
Input Channels
2 (live-neutral, neutral-ground voltages)

Instrument Type
Fixed System


Operation Modes
Monitoring, recording, analyzing

Voltage, harmonics, harmonics distortion, trends, dropouts, power quality, dips, surges, transients, Min, Max, Average, RMS

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