70951B - Agilent HP Optical Spectrum Analyzers

70951B - Agilent HP Optical Spectrum Analyzers

  • Spectral measurements from 600nm to 1700nm,
  • Unique double-pass monochromator
  • Real-time sweep rates
  • -90dBm sensitivity
  • 60dB dynamic range,
  • Excellent amplitude accuracy
  • Low polarization dependency
  • Wavelength and amplitude calibration across full measurement range,
  • ±0.3nm absolute accuracy,
  • Component of 71451B Optical Spectrum Analyzer System
  • Part of the 70000 Modular Measurement System.
Form Factor

Instrument Type

Low end wavelength limit
600 nm

High end wavelength limit
1700 nm

Wavelength Resolution

Wavelength Accuracy
+- 3 nm

Dynamic Range
60 dB

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