EPM-50 - EXFO Optical Power Meters

EPM-50 - EXFO Optical Power Meters

The EPM-500 Power Meter provides highly accurate power measurements, as well as reference value setting capabilities.
What’s more, this convenient unit requires no offset nulling, for reliable, long-lasting performance in the field.
When paired with an ELS-500 Light Source used in Auto-Switching mode, the power meter allows for semi-automated loss measurement, providing easy, error-free testing.

  • Tone detection and automatic wavelength switching
  • Memory capacity of 1000 data items; data transfer to a PC via USB connection
  • Passfail/fail threshholds and LED indicators
  • No offset nulling required
Fiber Optic

Measurement Units
dB, dBm, Watt

Low end wavelength limit
850 nm (calibrated)

High end wavelength limit
1550 nm (calibrated)

Power Range
EPM-53: 10 to -60 dBm, EPM-53X: 26 to -50 dBm

Power uncertainty is 5 %

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