AXS-200/360 - EXFO Optical Power Meters

AXS-200/360 - EXFO Optical Power Meters

To validate that the performance of their fiber networks meets industry standards, enterprise network installers and contractors must make sure that fiber links are installed properly and within specifications.To achieve this, they need to perform fiber certification testing prior to network commissioning, which provides them with complete documentation to fully assess the quality of the fiber installation.The AXS-200/360 Fiber Certification Test Set provides unparalleled ease of use and accuracy to perform all fiber certification and troubleshooting tasks.Moreover, it makes it simple to certify fiber to the latest standards.Combined with the AXS-200 Handheld Modular Platform, the AXS-200/360 supports a user-friendly interface and numerous features.Optimized for various applications such as 10 Gbit/s transmission, this test set delivers optical loss measurements at multiple wavelengths automatically, verifies userinputted fiber lengths, inspects connectors with the optional fiber inspection probe (FIP) and detects breaks with the optional visual fault locator (VFL).
Fiber Optic

Measurement Units
dB, dBm, Watt

Low end wavelength limit
800 nm

High end wavelength limit
1650 nm

Power Range
10 to 75 dBm

Power uncertainty is 5 % 31 pW

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