IQS-1500 - EXFO Optical Power Meters

IQS-1500 - EXFO Optical Power Meters

Enjoy exceptional performance, flexibility, ease of use and extensive integration capabilities with the EXFO IQS-1500 Calibration Power Meter.Like all IQS products, this module features PC-based software and a standardized graphical user interface (GUI).Additionally, the IQS-1500 high precision optical power meter offers very low uncertainty (+/-2 % to 3 %) and high-performance linearity (+/- 0.01 dB).The Q1 model is calibrated at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), providing an uncertainty of as little as 0.9 % for three user-selected wavelengths.The IQS-1500 calibration optical power meter comes with a 5 mm cooled germanium detector (750 nm to 1800 nm), delivering high accuracy—even at unstable temperatures—over a wide dynamic range.
Fiber Optic

Measurement Units

Low end wavelength limit
750 nm

High end wavelength limit
1800 nm

Power Range
+5 to —60 dBm

0.9%, 2%, or 3% uncertainty, depending on model, wavelength

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