50PMS - Anritsu Optical Power Meters

50PMS - Anritsu Optical Power Meters

Fast, accurate and easy-to-use, the Anritsu CMA50 line of Power Meters is designed for attenuation and throughput measurements of fiber optic links. They are offered with common calibration wavelength and connector options to meet any testing requirement from FTTx networks to long haul telephony links to multimode LAN, and CATV.

All CMA50 Power Meters feature large mass storage capacity, and pass or fail indicators for in field compliance. Plus our exclusive autowavelength switching mode eliminates user errors by synchronizing the CMA50 Series Power Meters with CMA50 Light Source.

The light-weight, rugged design, assures that they are built for the most demanding cable installation and maintenance environments and will provide years of valuable service.

  • Automatic wavelength recognition when used in conjunction with CMA50 light sources
  • High input power capacity enables characterization of RF TV optical signal
  • Pass or fail indicators for in-field compliance
  • Stores up to 100,000 data sets (4 MB of user data)
  • Visual Fault Location source option
  • LAN Access and network testing option via RJ45 port
  • File Transfer via USB port
  • Three year warranty
Fiber Optic

Measurement Units
dBm, Watt

Low end wavelength limit
850 nm

High end wavelength limit
1625 nm

Power Range
-75 dBm to +10d Bm (Standard)

+/- 0.2 dBm

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