ZVT8 - Rohde & Schwarz Network Analyzers

ZVT8 - Rohde & Schwarz Network Analyzers

The R&S ZVT8 is the first true 8 GHz vector network analyzer with up to eight test ports. Its design, operation, functions and specifications are very similar to those of an R&S ZVB without a display and front panel keypad. The R&S ZVT8 uses the R&S ZVB firmware.

A basic two-port R&S ZVT8 can be expanded to a vector network analyzer with up to eight ports by adding the appropriate options. If this is done, S-parameters of coaxial multiports (up to 8 ports) and mixed-mode S-parameters can be determined on balanced or symmetrical DUTs.

The R&S ZVT8 is primarily designed for system solutions in which it is remote-controlled via an IEC/IEEE bus or LAN. By adding an external monitor, mouse and keyboard to the R&S ZVT8, you can use it (like the R&S ZVB) as a mouse-operated standalone instrument in a lab environment by using pull-down menus.

Unlike conventional multiport solutions based on two- or four-port network analyzers with corresponding switching matrices, each port of the R&S ZVT8 has its own reflectometer with VSWR bridge, generator and measurement and reference receiver.

Each reflectometer can also be equipped with the Direct Generator/Receiver Access option. In this case, the generator and receiver paths are routed via the front panel by means of an removable 3.5 mm PC cable link. This option is comparable to the External Measurements option of the R&S ZVR family, additionally allowing direct access to the generator path before the reference receiver.

  • Frequency range 300 kHz to 8 GHz
  • Test set configuration possible with two up to eight ports
  • Wide dynamic range > 120 dB (test port)
  • High output power > 13 dBm on all ports
  • Wide power sweep range - 40 dBm to 13 dBm
  • High measurement speed of 8 ms for an eight port measurement
  • High accuracy and reproducibility on all ports
  • Modern operating concept for quickly and easily selecting parameters
  • Quick and easy configuration of multiport measurements
  • Virtually unlimited number of channels and traces
  • Parallel setup administration
  • Measurement on balanced DUTs
  • Based on a true multiport architecture the R&S ZVT8 can perform measurements on all ports of a DUT simultaneously
  • DC inputs for current and voltage measurements
  • Direct Receiver / Generator Access option for greater flexibility and performance
  • True differential Measurements option
Instrument Type
Vector, S-Parameter

Low end frequency limit
300.00 kHz

High end frequency limit
8.00 GHz

Output Power Range
- 40 dBm to 13 dBm (up to 4 GHz)

Input Noise Level
-110 dBm (up to 4 GHz)

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