ME7828A-012 - Anritsu Network Analyzers

ME7828A-012 - Anritsu Network Analyzers

The VectorStar Broadband ME7828A system begins a new era in broadband characterization offering many advances in broadband performance.The ME7828A takes full advantage of the superior performance of VectorStar.

Two configurations are available.The standard ME7828A provides basic measurement capabilities for active device testing.The ME7828A-012 delivers additional optimal performance for active device testing, time domain analysis and device characterization.Both configurations are compatible with existing SUSS and Cascade probe stations and appropriate positioners.

Due to the VectorStar Option 012 70 kHz low-end frequency, it is possible to accurately measure devices starting at 70 kHz for DC information and up to 110 GHz for capturing all the performance of the device at multiple fundamental harmonics.

The incorporation of VectorStar produces other performance advantages, including dynamic range improvements of up to 30 dB compared to previous systems.The ME7828A also incorporates the fast switching speed of the Anritsu MG37022A sources to produce a sweep speed of 120 ms for 201 points, and up to four times faster than leading competitive instruments.Combining the broadest frequency range with 100,000 points in a single channel, the ME7828A provides the most complete time domain analysis capability presently on the market.

The ME7828A delivers industry-best calibration and measurement stability, typically 0.1 dB over a 24-hour period.

The ME7828A system can be configured with a full range of banded millimeter-wave modules that extend the frequency range to 500 GHz.

Instrument Type
Vector, S-Parameter

Low end frequency limit
70.00 kHz

High end frequency limit
110.00 GHz

Output Power Range

Input Noise Level
Noise floor is -73 dBm at <0.01 GHz, -104 dBm at 0.01 to 2.5 GHz, -95 dBm at 85 to 100 GHz, -97 dBm at 100 to 110 GHz

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