8714ES - Agilent HP Network Analyzers

8714ES - Agilent HP Network Analyzers

The Agilent 8714ES features an S-parameter test set with full two-port vector-error correction, providing complete and accurate measurements of device S-parameters. Two independent channels can measure and display two parameters such as S21 (transmission) and S11 (reflection) in a variety of formats including delay and SWR, on rectangular, polar or Smith-chart displays. The Agilent 8714ES has a frequency range of 300 kHz to 1.3 GHz.

The ES models contain a 60-dB source attenuator as a standard feature, giving 70-dB of power-level control for testing active and passive devices. Both 50-ohm and 75-ohm versions are available.

Agilent Technologies RF economy network analyzers deliver the best combination of speed, accuracy, productivity features, and low cost. These analyzers help reduce tune and test times, increase throughput, and lower your overall cost per component. They offer all the critical performance and features needed to test typical RF components such as: • Filters • Amplifiers • Antennas • Cables • Mixers • CATV taps and distribution amplifiers

The 1.3 GHz 8712ET and ES models and the 3 GHz 8714ET and ES models are available in both 50-ohm and 75-ohm versions. With the addition of S-parameter measurement capability, the Agilent RF economy network analyzer family has evolved to meet today’s test demands of higher-performance components. This capability brings new levels of accuracy, convenience, and affordability for testing RF components.

S-parameter network analyzers let you measure the forward and reverse characteristics of your components without having to disconnect, turn around, and reconnect them to the analyzer. They also provide full two-port calibration to give you the best measurement accuracy possible. Depending upon your application, you can choose the optimum performance level of an S-parameter analyzer (ES models) or the lower cost of a transmission/reflection analyzer (ET models).

All models are loaded with powerful features including:

  • Synthesized source
  • High-dynamic-range narrowband and broadband receivers
  • Advanced vector-error correction 
  • Large display
  • Internal disk drive
  • Instrument BASIC (IBASIC) 
  • LAN capability

With both frequency and power sweeps, Agilent RF economy network analyzers let you quickly and accurately characterize the linear and nonlinear performance of your RF components.

Measurement capabilities:

  • Gain/Insertion loss
  • Isolation 
  • Insertion phase
  • Electrical length 
  • Linear group delay 
  • Return loss 
  • SWR
  • Reflection coefficient
  • Impedance
  • Gain compression 
  • AM-to-PM conversion
  • Absolute power
  • S-parameters (ES models only)
Instrument Type
Vector, S-Parameter

Low end frequency limit
300.00 kHz

High end frequency limit
3.00 GHz

Output Power Range

Input Noise Level

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