8712C - Agilent HP Network Analyzers

8712C - Agilent HP Network Analyzers

  • Integrated transmission/reflection test set with narrowband and broadband detection
  • "Real time" sweep speed (50 ms/sweep), synthesized 1 Hz resolution source, and 100 dB of system dynamic range
  • Internal 3.5-inch disk drive (LIF/DOS formats) and VGA interface Internal Agilent Instrument BASIC (IBASIC) capability
  • TCP/IP-compliant Ethertwist LAN interface option
  • AM delay and fault location/SRL options
Instrument Type

Low end frequency limit
300.00 kHz

High end frequency limit
1.30 GHz

Output Power Range
>100 dB@>=5 MHz (+10 to -90 dBm) @ narrowband 50 ohm

Input Noise Level
phase noise (at 10 kHz offset) -70 dBc/Hz

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