8753C - Agilent HP Network Analyzers

8753C - Agilent HP Network Analyzers

  • Built-in S-parameter test set for complete forward and reverse measurements, allowing you to completely characterize your component with a single connection
  • Superb accuracy, with the most comprehensive calibration available
  • Optional time domain and swept harmonic measurements
  • Mixer testing with frequency offset capability
  • Optional step attenuator for extended source output power range
  • Pass/fail testing, interpolative error correction, test sequencing, and user-defined test frequencies to enhance productivity
  • Two independent display channels for simultaneous measurement of reflection and transmission characteristics
Instrument Type
Vector, S-Parameter

Low end frequency limit
30.00 kHz

High end frequency limit
6.00 GHz

Output Power Range
105 dB (3GHz to 6 GHz)

Input Noise Level

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