8720D - Agilent HP Network Analyzers

8720D - Agilent HP Network Analyzers

  • 50 MHz to 13.5, 20, or 40 GHz frequency coverage
  • New processor makes measurements and data transfers up to seven times faster
  • Fast-sweeping, built-in synthesized source
  • Integrated solid-state switching S-parameter test set
  • Vector receiver, error correcton, time domain
  • Up to 105 dB dynamic range
Instrument Type

Low end frequency limit
50.00 MHz

High end frequency limit
20.00 GHz

Output Power Range
75 dB

Input Noise Level
<-55dBc @phase noise tp 6- kHz from carrier at 2 GHz; <-35 dBc from carrier at 20 GHz

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