16700A - Agilent HP Logic Analyzers

16700A - Agilent HP Logic Analyzers

The Agilent Technologies 16700A Series logic analysis system is a scalable frame that allows you to time-correlate measurements across domains from analog signals to source code.
Included in the 16700A frame is an integrated Web server and Home Page.
Use the Home Page as the starting point to upload PC connectivity software that enables remote front-panel control, graphical programming tools, and the ability to post-process within an Excel spreadsheet.
The graphical user interface provides easier measurement setup and product use.

The Agilent 16700A frame has five slots for measurement modules, and two accessory slots for emulation modules.
The frame is expandable to ten measurement slots when connected to the 16701A expansion frame.
The system requires you to connect a remote display.
You can interact with the system with a mouse and keyboard.

  • 5-slot modular system
  • Requires external monitor
  • 2 slots for emulation modules
  • Physical connectors: 10BaseT (ethertwist): RJ-45; 10Base2: BNC
Instrument Type

Max. Channels Number

Max. State Speed

Max. Timing Speed

Memory Depth

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