LCR-8110G - GW Instek LCR Impendance Meters

LCR-8110G - GW Instek LCR Impendance Meters

The LCR-8000G Series LCR meter, with test frequencies up to 10MHz, provides accuracy, versatility, and high resolution for a wide range of component measurements, including DC resistance measurement and Voltage/Current monitoring.

The Multi-Step function allows on-screen programming of customized measurement sequence with Pass/Fail indication.
Each program includes 30 test steps, and each test step can be set with selected parameters and test limits.
Under Multi-Step operation, a tedious work routine can be processed step-by-step automatically with a simple press of a button.

In Graph Mode, the LCR-8110G, LCR-8105G, and LCR-8101G display the component impedance response in a graph chart, either over a wide range of test frequency sweeps or over a wide range of test voltage sweeps.
This produces an analysis, which can be accessed with one quick glance, of either impedance vs frequency or impedance vs applied voltage.

GPIB and RS-232C interfaces are available as standard.

  • Test Frequency 20Hz ~ 10MHz
  • Large LCD Display
  • 6 digit Measurement Resolution
  • 0.1% Basic Measurement Accuracy
  • Multiple Step Mode
  • DC Resistance Measurement
  • Comprehensive Measurement Functions
  • Monitoring of DUT Voltage and Current
  • Pass/Fail Test
  • Standard Interface : RS-232 & GPIB
  • Graph Mode

Test Freq. Range Low
20 Hz

Test Freq. Range High
10 MHz

Resistance Range Low
100 uOhm

Resistance Range High
100 MOhm

Capacitance Range Low
0.01 pF

Capacitance Range High
~1 F

Z, Rac, L, C, Q, D, Phase, Rdc, R, X, G, B, Y

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