16534A - Agilent HP Digital Oscilloscopes

16534A - Agilent HP Digital Oscilloscopes

The Agilent 16534A offers the advantages of a full-featured, deep memory, digitizing oscilloscope integrated into your Agilent logic analysis system.When integrated into the 16700 Series logic analysis systems, the oscilloscope modules make powerful measurement and analysis more accessible, so you can find the answers to tough debugging problems in less time.Oscilloscope controls are easy to find and use.The Agilent Technologies 16534A oscilloscope modules quickly characterize signals with automatic measurements of rise time, voltage, pulse width, and frequency.You can combine up to four 16534A oscilloscope modules to provide up to eight channels on a single time base.When you operate in this mode, you can use the master module for triggering.
  • Bandwidth: dc to 500 MHz
  • Maximum sampling rate: 2 GSa/s
  • Input resistance: 1 MΩ ±1%, 50 Ω ±1%
  • Number of channels
    • 2 to 8 using the same time base and trigger
    • Up to 10 channels may be installed in a single 16700 frame, or up to 20 in a single system using a 16701 expansion frame
  • Waveform record length: 32768 points
  • Vertical sensitivity range: 16 mV full scale to 40 V full scale
  • Vertical resolution: 8 bits full scale
  • Rise time (calculated from bandwidth): 700 ps
  • dc offset range
    • 16 mV full scale to 400 mV full scale: ±2 V
    • 400 mV full scale to 2.0 V full scale: ±10 V
    • 2.0 V full scale to 10 V full scale: ±50 V
    • 10 V full scale to 40 V full scale: ±250 V
  • Probe attenuation: Any ratio from 1:1E-9 to 1:1E+6
  • Channel-to-channel isolation (with channel sensitivities equal)
    • dc–50 MHz: 40 dB
    • 50 MHz–500 MHz: 30 dB
  • Maximum safe input voltage
    • 1 MΩ: ±250 V dc + peak ac (<10 kHz)
    • 50 Ω: 5 Vrms
  • Time base ranges: 0.5 ns/div to 5 s/div
  • Time base resolution: 10 ps
  • Delay range
    • • pretrigger: -32 K x sample period
    • • posttrigger: 320 ms or 1.6E7 x sample period, whichever is greater
  • Trigger level range: ±1.5 x full scale from center of screen
  • Trigger modes: Immediate, Edge, Pattern, Auto condition, Events delay, Intermodule

500.0 MHz


Sample Rate
2.00 GSa/sec

Memory Depth
32768 points waveform record length

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