8447F - Agilent HP Amplifiers

8447F - Agilent HP Amplifiers

The Agilent 8447F is the Agilent 8447D Preamplifier and 8447E Power Amplifier combined into a single package.The Agilent 8447F is capable of providing gain and power to overcome systematic RF losses, drive high-power devices, and improve measurement system performance.The Agilent 8447F can be used to increase low-level sweep speed and increase dynamic range measurements when used with a network analyzer.Gain given is minimum mean gain for the preamplifier.Mean gain for the power amplifier is 22 dB ±1.5 dB.
  • Reduced systematic power losses for increased dynamic range
  • High power drive signals for increased dynamic range
  • Increased low-level sweep speed and increased dynamic range measurements in network analyzers
  • Frequency range: 0.1 to 1300 MHz
  • Gain flatness across full frequency range: ±1.5 dB
  • Harmonic distortion: -30 dB for 0 dBm typical (preamp), -30 dB for +10 dBm output (power amp)
  • Typical output for <-60 dB harmonic distortion: -30 dBm (preamp), -20 dBm (power amp)
  • VSWR, 1 to 1300 MHz: <2.0 input and <2.2 output (preamp), <2.2 (power amp)
  • Impedance: 50 Ω
  • Reverse isolation: >40 dB
  • Maximum DC voltage input: ±10 V

Rated Power Output
15.0 W

Frequency Range - Low
100.00 kHz

Frequency Range - High
1.30 GHz

Output P1dB
>+7 dBm typical (preamp), >+15 dBm (power amp)

26.0 dB

Gain Range

Noise Figure
< 8.5 dB (preamp), <11 dB typical (power amp)

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