LHP Series - 1 kW - Sorensen Power Supplies DC

LHP Series - 1 kW - Sorensen Power Supplies DC

The LHP Series 1 kW programmable power supplies are designed for both benchtop and rackmount system applications. They feature universal input with power factor correction (PFC). Universal input allows use of line voltages around the world without factory presetting or user interaction. Power factor correction provides full output power from standard 120 VAC, 15 amp outlets and meets international regulations for input harmonic distortion. The half rack package is an ideal footprint for lab bench use and occupies less than 3.5 (2U) of vertical height for rackmount system applications. Both front and rear output connectors are available.

The LHP Series contains the following models:

  • LHP 7.5-130
  • LHP 20-50
  • LHP 33-33
  • LHP 40-25
  • LHP 60-18
  • LHP 100-10
  • LHP 150-7
  • LHP 300-3.5
  • LHP 600-1.7
The supplies may be configured in serial or parallel operation for increased voltage or current. External analog control is standard. Remote control alternatives include IEEE-488, RS-232 and four-channel isolated analog programming.
  • Modular Design - Single units may be rack mounted alone or configured with HPD series
  • Displays
    • Simultaneous digital displays of voltage and current on large, easy to read LEDs
    • Unique twin LED analog bar graphs show relative voltage and current levels
  • Protection and Safety
    • Automatic crossover into voltage or current mode with overvoltage/ overcurrent signal LED
    • No overshoot at turn-on, turn-off or power failure
  • Series or Parallel Operation
  • Transient Response -100 s transient response with 50% load change (typical)
  • Ripple - 1.0 mV RMS ripple
  • Programming
    • High resolution 10-turn potentiometer provides precise output voltage and current control
    • Analog programming and monitoring of output voltage and/or current, OVP, remote on/off, master/slave tracking (Option M5A)
    • Internal IEEE-488 Interface Card with voltage/current readback and adjustable OVP control
  • 5 Year Warranty
Number of Outputs

Max. Voltage

Max. Current

Ripple and Noise
5.0 mVrms

Computer Interface
GPIB, RS-232

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